The Letting Centre Forms and Agreements 2023

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Chris Horroll
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Schedule of Forms and Agreements 2023

For a list of all the forms, notices and agreements provided in The Letting Centre documents pack 2023, please see the Schedule of Forms and Agreements.

The Notes are to be used in conjunction with the professional series of letters, notices and agreements provided by The Letting Centre


The Government versions of the prescribed assured tenancy forms (AST) can be accessed here, but you should check with your legal advisor to ensure that the correct notice is served


  • Are the documents compliant with Welsh and Scottish legislation?

The Letting Centre legal documents are only compliant for landlords and agents in England.

Legal documents are no longer provided for Wales due to a change in Welsh legislation.

  • Where is the Section 21 or Section 8 Notice, why aren't these included?

The Letting Centre issued guidance regarding changes to the Section 21 Form 6A and Section 8 Form 3 documents, due to changing Government Legislation. The guidance along with what this means for CFPwinMan, can be viewed in full here.

  • The naming of the letters make no sense, can I change them?

As the documents are legally compliant, the naming references for them are dictated by The Letting Centre and legal experts. This means that the names cannot be changed within CFPwinMan.

If you are unsure on what the naming reference for each document relates to, please refer to the Schedule of Forms and Agreements.

  • Why do some of my documents have older dates on them?

The date on the documents refers to when it was last updated. If an agreement has 2020 on it, that doesn't mean it's out of date, just that there may not have been any legislation changes that warrant it being updated. Regardless of the date, older or not, the version you have will be the latest one.

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