CFPwinMan.SDB Release Notes

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Release Date: January 2017

New Features:

CFPwinMan Version onwards now offers:

  • Fee Improvements: The ability to add an unlimited number of additional fees against a Landlord or Property
  • Fee Improvements: The ability to specify an end date against a Landlord or Property Additional Fees
  • Fee Improvements: The ability to set up a fee schedule for Lettings or Management Fees
  • The ability to split Contractor expenses
  • The ability to customise the commission wording as shown on the Contractor payment remittance
  • The ability to link contractor invoices to tenancy expenses on the Deposit Refund screen
  • The ability to link a Landlord Invoice to a property
  • Invoices that are credit noted between statements displayed on Landlord Statements
  • Improvements to the separate invoice on Landlord Statements
  • The ability to export most reports to Excel
  • A new Projected Fees report which calculates a list of projected fees for the coming year
  • New Security options around Reporting functionality
  • Users are now prompted to remove the Property Available Date at Tenancy creation
  • Brochures and Photolists are now printed or displayed via Adobe Reader
  • An email brochure button available on the Property Screen
  • The addition of merge codes in the Word Processor and Custom Report Generator to merge in the Enquiry Source from Landlord and Tenant
  • The addition of merge codes in the Word Processor that will display various combinations of information relating to all Tenants in a Tenancy
  • The addition of a merge code in the Word Processor to merge in the Property Manager
  • Users are now able to merge an email or letter to Landlords and Tenants based on Property Status
  • The Key Set Type shown on the Worksheets Organiser report
  • Bank Reconciliation Screen has been increased in size
  • History Log Default Visible Period
  • A new Autobanking format for Yorkshire Business Online
  • The ability to turn on or off match as you type filtering on winMan Locate screens
  • Properties and Applicants can now be filtered by branch from within Match and Mail
  • New messages added to indicate dimensions of Full Width Headers and Footers in Match and Mail
  • Unlock button in User Defaults now only clears locks for users not logged in
  • Service Charge users the ability to email or print a budget report and instalment plan at the point of producing invoices
  • Service Charge users are now able to alter expense types and schedules for expenses that have been paid to contractors
  • Service Charge users the ability to invoice in arrears for service charges without having to charge in arrears for the whole schedule
  • Service Charge users the ability to run reports to list money owed by tenants and owed to contractors as of set dates
  • Multi Office configurations using Alternate Branches can now use the Branch, Department & Fee Earner reporting
  • Multi Office Stationery: Tenancy Statements, Contractor Statements and VAT Reports can now have branch specific stationery settings
  • Multi Office Stationery: The Word Processor can be configured to merge company information and apply headers and footers relating to the branch of a record rather than the user’s main branch
  • Multi Office Stationery: A warning is shown if Invoice Settings are different to Word Processor settings
  • DocuSign: New Signature and Date merge code layouts are available and amended layouts
  • DocuSign: There is the ability to add Checkboxes to documents
  • DocuSign: There is the ability to add Notes fields to documents
  • DocuSign: The ability has been added to specify the period before a reminder is sent to the recipient if they have not signed a document. There is also the facility to specify how frequently afterwards other reminders are sent
  • Knowledge Centre: Offering 24-hour access to How To Questions, User Guides, FAQ's and ability to Submit a query online from within the software
  • Property File: an online and mobile platform designed to keep your landlords and tenants informed and updated

Please click on the below link to access the Release Notes: Update Notes.pdf