How do I add branches to Multi Office?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
  • Updated

If you have the Multi Office function and need to add more branches to your database, these can be added in User Defaults, Multi Office Settings.

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults on the dropdown menu
  3. Click on Branch, Dept, Fee Earner
  4. Click on the Multi Office tab
  5. A list of the current Multi Office Branches will display in the grid
    1. Click on the next blank line and type in the Branch Name and Branch Description
    2. Click on Multi Office Settings
    3. The additional branches you added will now appear in the list of Branches. Click on the Branch to set up the associated users
      For more information on How do I set up users in branches in Multi Office, click here
    4. Click X to close
    5. Click X to close again
    6. Click Close