Shared invoices

Jonathon Blakeley
Jonathon Blakeley
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You may need to split invoices, especially when dealing with multiple Tenants in one property.  This is possible from the Tenant screen. 

From the Tenant screen, an invoice can be produced that divides a charge between Joint Tenants within a Tenancy. 

  1. Click on Invoice 
  2. On Shared Invoice on the Tenancy Invoice window:
    1. Select the Date from the dropdown menu
    2. Select the Type of Invoice from the dropdown menu
    3. Enter a Description
    4. Enter the Total to Invoice and any VAT, if required
    5. Select from Period if Repeat as to whether it's a single or repeat item


The table at the top of the window shows the Tenants in the Tenancy and allows how the invoice is divided, to be determined. 

  1. Click Even % to divide the cost equally between the Tenants
  2. To manually set how the invoice is divided, click the Percent or Amount (and VAT) column for that Tenant and type in the number required
  3. To change the invoice back to being equally shared, click the Even % button


It's not possible to post the invoice if the amounts specified in the table do not add up to the Total to Invoice, or the percentages specified do not add up to 100.  In this case, the Update button will be unavailable

  • When the invoice is divided as required, click Update to add the shared item to the Invoice screen
  • Or, click Cancel to close the form and abandon the shared items 

The shared items can be posted for all Tenants from the Tenancy Invoice screen, or the individual shares of the item can be posted from the Tenant Invoice screens.  

The image below shows the invoices when they have been updated.  They then need to be posted to get on to the Receipt screen.  


Once posted, the receipts will show on the Receipt screen and the invoices will show on the account as below.  

The main advantage to shared invoices is that it makes it much easier to see who is in arrears and who has paid what.