How do I set up groups of branches in Multi Office?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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If you are using the Multi Office function and want to create a group of branches, users can be assigned to the group, rather than to a single branch at a time.

This article includes: 

Create a new group


You will need access to User Defaults, to edit your default settings. These can be accessed by those who have the correct permissions

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults from the dropdown menu
  3. Click Branch, Dept, Fee Earners
  4. Assign Branches, Departments, Fee Earners will display. Click the Multi Office tab
  5. Click Multi Office Settings
  6. The Multi Office Settings will display showing each User, Branch, Branch Groups and Stationery on the side menu
    1. Click Branch Groups on the side menu  
    2. Manage Branch Groups will display with an option to Add Group
      1. In Add Group, type the Name and Description of the group you wish to add
      2. Click Add Group
      3. Click X to close
      4. Click X again to close
      5. Click Close


Add branches to the group

  1. Click on the Group you created in the steps above
  2. Click Add Branch
  3. Select the Branch you wish to add and click OK
  4. To select multiple Branches, click on the first one, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard, and click each of the other Branches you want to add. Click OK
  5. The Branches you selected appear in the grid


Add users to the group

Now the group is created, you can add the appropriate users to each group to give access to the corresponding branches.
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