How do I view and filter a Property and Applicant list in match and mail?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The Match & Mail function allows you to view a list of available Properties that suit the requirements of your Applicant and send them a list via email or print.

You're able to:

  • Add a new Applicant 
  • Match an Applicant to a list of available Properties, matching their criteria
  • View an available Property list
  • Filter available Property lists
  • Filter an Applicant list
  • View Property details, history, photos, street view and notes
  • View Applicant details, history and notes

This article includes: 

View and filter a list of available Properties

You can change the matching criteria in Match & Mail to filter a list of available Properties, that suit an Applicant that is looking for a Property to rent.

The Property list can be ordered before printing or emailing it to your Applicant.

  1. Click Miscellaneous on the main toolbar
  2. Click Property Lists
  3. The Matching and Mailing function will display the Global Filter Criteria tab with a list of all of your available Properties which match that criteria
    1. In the Global Filter Criteria, edit each of the fields to the required information, i.e. Price Maximum, Bedrooms, Required By etc
    2. Click on to each of the buttons for Area, Type, Furnished to select the required preference
    3. Click Apply
    4. The Properties available will be updated to match the new criteria
    5. Click on a Property address to view the Details, History and Photos 
  4. To reset the criteria back to the default 
    1. Click Actions
    2. In Global, click Reset


View Property details and notes

  1. In the above view, click on a Property address to display the Details, History and Photos of the Property
  2. Click Details to view the Property address details and Landlord contact information
  3. Click History to view a list of Applicants who have previously been sent the details of this Property
  4. Click Photos to display the main photo. Use the arrows to scroll to other photos 
  5. Click Street View to show the property location on Google Maps
  6. Click Notes to display another column of information 
    1. Each Notes box on the property appears with a minus icon
    2. Click the minus icon to view the Notes in full
    3. Click Notes again to exit the column

If viewing a list of Applicants, the Details, History and Notes can be displayed.


Order and filter the Property list

At the bottom of the list of available Properties, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the list to move to the right and see more columns of information.

  1. Click on a heading name to reorder the list to group the order of that header
  2. Click on the funnel icon under a column header to display more filter options and to refine your list further


Order and filter an Applicant list

The filter options above can also be used on an Applicant list. You can switch to a list of Applicants by clicking on the icons in the image below.


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