What should I do for TDS uploads when I change ownership of a Tenancy?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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If you need to use the Change of Ownership wizard for someone whose Tenancy is registered with the TDS via the TDS upload module, you will need to first correct the Tenancy to ensure the deposit upload feeds correctly.

This article includes: 

Changes to the Tenancy associated with the previous landlord

  1. Double click Tenancies on the side menu
  2. Search for the relevant Tenancy using Search Text by Name, Code or Status
    1. Alternatively, find the Tenancy using Additional Options from the dropdown menu, or
    2. Select a Branch if multi branch is set up on your CFPwinMan
  3. Select the Tenancy 
  4. Click on the Deposit Protection tab
  5. Click on the Tenancy Deposit tab
  6. The End Of Tenancy will display
    1. Use the dropdown menu to select Tenancy End Type as No Dispute, unless there is a dispute with the Landlord
    2. If No Dispute is selected, this acknowledges that the Landlord currently registered on The Dispute Service is no longer associated with the Tenancy and the responsibility for the Property is no longer his or hers
    3. Refund the deposit back to the Tenant and then change ownership
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If you don't set the End of Tenancy on the original record, the TDS will not archive the details on the website and you will be charged for any active Tenancies present

Change ownership of the Tenancy

Once the above deposit changes have been made to the Tenancy, perform the change of ownership.
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Associate the Tenancy with the new Landlord

The created Tenancy now needs to be registered to the TDS in the usual way. Receipt the deposit as Deposit Held, this will create a new entry on the TDS website.
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