Section S153, S156 & S166 notices

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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CFPwinMan.SDB has the ability to print Section 153, 158 and 166 legal notices. Outlined below you'll find a list of the merge fields available in CFPwinMan.SDB for S166 Notices.

The Section notices are not provided by CFPSoftware. Advice on the legal content of these documents and how they must be presented can be downloaded from the internet from this website.


CFP does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the legal documents. As Letting & Property Management agents, you are solely responsible to ensure you have the latest and accurate versions of these legal notices

Once you have sourced and created the relevant notices, you will need to save them as .txm files to be used within CFPwinMan.SDB.

The documents will need to be saved to the Letters directory located on your network drive. If you are unsure of your network location, go to the Start menu search box and type in winman32.ini. This will bring up a notepad showing your .ini file which states your LetterPath.


This article includes: 

Section 166 – Merge Codes

Merge codes have been implemented to extract information from the Lease details section of the Property Information.

The system is also able to extract the invoice description dates from raised ground rent invoices. This provides the user with an accurate date range of the period for which the client is charged.

The majority of these merge codes have been created specifically for the Section 166 legal notice. Once you have saved the document to your Letters folder as a .txm document, you can insert the merge fields from the Word Processor.

  1. Navigate to the Word Processor
  2. Click File
  3. Click Open
  4. Select the letter
  5. Click MailMerge
  6. Click Insert Field
  7. The Select a Data Field window opens. To add the merge field into the document, place your mouse on the document and double click on the merge field you wish to use.
    The merge fields you require are found in the Property Fields and Special Fields columns


Each of the merge fields are explained within Merge Code Translations. For example, <<SPERIODSTART>> refers to the start date of the period for which rent is payable (Section 166 notice).

Example of wording

An example of the wording for a Section S166 along with a breakdown of the merge codes is shown below:

This Notice is given in respect of: <<cADDRESSON1>> <<PPSTCD>>.

It requires you to pay rent of <<SDUEAMOUNT>> on <<SDUEDATE>>.

This rent is payable in respect of the period beginning <<SPERIODSTART>> and ending <<SPERIODEND>> in accordance with the terms of your lease the amount of <<LeaseAmount >> is/was due on <<LeaseDate>>

Payment should be made to: <<SPNAME>> at the above address.

Breakdown of merge codes

<<SDUEAMOUNT>>    This ‘Amount’ is derived from the total ‘Ground Rent’ amount of the invoice(s)

<<SDUEDATE>>           This date is derived from the due date of the raised invoice(s)

<<SPERIODSTART>>    This date is extracted from the start date in the description of the raised invoice(s)

<<SPERIODEND>>       This date is extracted from the end date in the description of the raised invoice(s)

The above merge fields are located under the Special Names Data field.

<<LeaseAmount>>       This amount is derived from the Lease details section of the Property Information

<<LeaseDate>>            This date is derived from the Lease details section of the Property Information

<<cADDRESSON1>>    Address single-line in one field

<<PPSTCD>>                The property postcode