How do I add a new price status and upload a Property with the price set to POA?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below outline how you can add a new price status. In addition, it details how to upload Properties to websites with no price, or show as price on application, via CFPwinMan automatic datafeed. 


You will need access to User Defaults, to edit your default settings. These can be accessed by those who have the correct permissions

This article includes: 

Add POA in User Defaults

The first step will be to add the option of POA in User Defaults.

  1. Click on Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click on User Defaults from the dropdown menu
  3. Click on Price Status
    1. In the Detail column, add your text into the first blank row at the bottom
    2. If POA is replacing a Price, you will need to click Instead in the Position column, in order for the text to show instead of an amount
    3. Click X to close
  4. Click Close

Position definitions:

  • Before – Text appears before price i.e. O I R O £500
  • After – Text appears after price i.e. £500 PCM
  • Instead – Price doesn’t show i.e. POA

Order determines the order each price appears in the dropdown on the Property Information. Whatever you set as Order 1 will be the default price when you add a new Property. 

You now need to Log out of CFPwinMan, Log back in and amend the Datafeed translations.



Please note that the Price Status column shows POA and not a variation of this such as P.O.A.

Datafeed translations

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults on the dropdown menu
  3. In ZPG Services, click Data Services
  4. ZPG Data Services displays 
    1. Click to highlight your Data Feed ID 
    2. Tick Data Feed
    3. Click Data feed defaults


  5. Data feed defaults displays
    1. Click on the Price Status tab
    2. Use the dropdown arrow in the Data feed value column to select either PCM or PW as appropriate
    3. Click Save and Exit
    4. Click Yes to confirm changes or No to cancel
  6. Click Close
  7. Click Close


Whilst the local field of POA will have a data feed value of either PCM or PW, it will show as POA on portals, as per your property screen.

This will then upload to websites as POA instead of a numeric amount.