How can I record a reminder for holding deposit dates?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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If you take a holding deposit from an Applicant, you might wish to set reminder dates to ensure the Tenant agreement is entered or the holding deposit refunded, within the correct timeframe.  

 Best practice

It is an agent's responsibility to ensure these dates and timeframes are correct

This article includes: 

Set up new system events

We would recommend setting up two new System Events:

  1. A new event named, Deadline For Agreement Date - Ddline Agr Date
  2. A new event named, Holding Deposit Refund Date - H Dep Ref Date

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Set up reminders on the To Do via your Organiser

A follow up date is set by adding a To Do via your Organiser. This will save to the corresponding applicants History Log if located when adding the event.
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Alternatively, you can add the reminder via the History Log of the Applicant Information record.
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When adding your reminder, the following points will need to be added:

  • If your deadline is in 14 days, set up the FUP days in 14 days time
  • You would also need to link the entry to the relevant Applicant record, who has paid the Holding Deposit

Complete the reminders

Upon the point of either entering into a Tenancy agreement or deciding the Tenancy will not go ahead, you would need to complete the event reminder and add a new To Do list entry for the Holding Deposit Refund.
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If the holding deposit needs to be refunded to the Applicant and has been receipted as unallocated money, this will also need to be completed.
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