Error code 30 - printer not activated

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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During your usage of CFPwinMan, if you encounter error code 30, this relates to the printer not being activated. There is a simple fix we offer which involves downloading and running a file to correct the error. 

The file is used to correct error 30 when creating .pdf's on the CFPwinMan system via Word Processor or Docusign, for machines that are running Windows 10.

  1. Before downloading and running the file, check your printer settings (Control Panel - Devices and Printers) to see if you have any printers called CFP Software PDF Export 4. If you do, delete any examples of it


  2. Download the following .zip file and save it to the affected system(s):
  3. Once downloaded, double click on the zipped folder to run the cfpamyuni file


    You must use the Run As Administrator option to run this utility. This option should be available if you right click on the downloaded utility

  4. The file will need to be run on all machines that have Windows 10, and are getting error code 30 when emailing from CFP Word Processor, or using Docusign