How do I add and manage a recurring Contractor expense?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below outline how you can add a recurring Contractors expense to be regularly charged to a Property, for deduction from the Landlord.

You're able to:

  • Add a recurring expense on a Property
  • Manage recurring expenses from the Organiser 
  • Raise recurring expenses when due
  • Remove a recurring expense

The Contractor will be available to pay, once money is available to pay the expense.

This article includes: 

Recurring expense

A recurring expense can be added to a property for a regular basis, such as for regular garden maintenance etc.

These expenses are added from the Contractor Information, in the same way as adding any other expense, except you add a frequency for it to recur.

Click here for more information on How do I add a contractor expense. In the Per column, change the frequency which the expense is to be charged, i.e. M - Same day of each month, Y - Yearly etc.

Manage recurring expenses

You can view and manage recurring expenses that haven’t yet been raised, from the Organiser.

  1. Click the folded page icon on the toolbar
    1. Alternatively, click Reporting on the main toolbar
    2. Click Organiser from the dropdown menu
  2. Expenses to Calculate will be listed
    1. Click View 
    2. A list recurring expenses will display. Items in red are overdue
  3. Click Postings on the main toolbar
  4. Click Calculate Property Expenses on the dropdown menu
    1. Calculate Contractor Expenses - Enter a date up to which to calculate the expenses
    2. Click OK
  5. Expenses can also be updated individually, if required
    1. Click on the black arrow at the end of the row, then double click to open the Property Expense
    2. Click Post Property Expense
    3. Click Update Expenses
    4. Click Close


Remove a recurring expense

To remove a recurring expense from the Organiser:

  1. On the Organiser, click View next to Expenses to Calculate
  2. Double click to open the expense you want to delete
  3. The Contractor Information will open. Click Post Property Expense
    1. Click on the date
    2. Click on the end of the line of the expense you want to delete
    3. Using your keyboard, press the Delete key
    4. Click Close