How do I post an expense without assigning it to a Contractor?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how you can add a Contractors invoice to a Property, without needing to create a works order. This can be useful for deducting expenses for purchases such as dishwashers, cookers etc.

Cheque is the only payment option for these expenses as they are entered as already paid. As soon as the expense is posted, the expense appears on the Landlord Payment screen or is deducted from a Tenancy deposit, depending on whether a Property or Tenancy was selected. The payment then appears on the Bank Reconciliation.

  1. Click Posting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Expenses on the dropdown menu
  3. Post Expense to Property or Tenant opens
    1. Type the name of the Contractor (they don't need to be an existing Contractor)
    2. Property Locate - Click to search for the Property, or
    3. Tenancy Locate - Click to search for the Tenancy, or
    4. Account Locate - Click to search for the correct account
    5. Item - Select the item type from the dropdown menu
    6. Description - Type in a description. This appears on the Landlord Payment
    7. Amount - Enter the amount of the expense
    8. Click Post Item

If you have more expenses to add for the same Property or Tenancy, you can continue to add them or repeat step 3 above until all expenses are added.