How do I view a list of projected agency fees?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how you can create a report to show what fees you might earn over the coming year.

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Accounts on the dropdown menu
  3. Click on Projected Fees at the bottom of the page
  4. The Projected Agency Fees Due Report is displayed in two sections
    1. Click the + symbols on the end of each row to see a breakdown of information
    2. Current Agency Account Balance - Displays fees already taken and waiting to be paid
    3. Agency Fees Due - These are raised fees that are yet to be taken
    4. Arrears and unraised Invoices - These are fee invoices that have already been raised, or ones with a date up to today that have not been posted
  5. Projected Agency Fees are then separated per month for the coming year
    1. Print sends the report to your printer
    2. Preview displays the report on screen
    3. Email creates a new email message with the report attached as a .pdf
    4. Export (CSV) creates a spreadsheet to save on your computer
  6. Click Produce Report to pen the report in your selected format
  7. Click Add/Remove Columns to select the columns you want to appear on your report


Additional fees will only be counted where the property has an active Tenancy, or an active rent invoice for the period. Otherwise, there would be no income for the fee to be deducted from so the software assumes it will not be charged