The Direct Debit module

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The Direct Debit module is an additional module that allows you to export a list of payment requests from CFPwinMan to the bank, who action this by taking the money from the Payee’s bank accounts.  

The key features are listed below: 

  • Your company will need to be Direct Debit enabled by your bank and have the relevant direct debit banking software on at least one machine
  • Functionality in CFPwinMan can be restricted to specific users under Security settings
  • Direct Debit confirmation letters can be sent direct from CFPwinMan 

If you wish to purchase the Direct Debit module, please click Submit a request below and use the contact form so that our Customer Support team can provide you with a quote. 

Direct Debit user guide

The full user guide is attached as a .pdf below:

Direct Debits.pdf