How do I backup my data?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The information below outlines what processes you should have in place to back up your CFP winMan SDB Data.

 Best practice

In the event of a situation whereby you need the below information, you may not be able to access any files on your machines. Therefore, we recommend that you Print this article and keep it somewhere safe, as well as share it with your IT Company

On a remarkably regular basis, our Support team receive calls from clients following the failure of a server hard drive, asking if we can help them to recover their data
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We would suggest for your own peace of mind that you check you have a robust back up regime in place, that it's up to date and is monitored regularly to ensure it's working.

When the software is installed, it's set to perform a daily back up of the winMan SDB database. See below for locations as this does NOT include the whole Winman32 folder.

External backup process

We recommend you or your IT company set up an external backup process to ensure that a backup exists outside of your computer network and which can be taken off site.

One which most IT administrators will be familiar with is the Grandfather-Father-Son backup rotation schedule. Using this schedule, you would take a back up of your winMan SDB database daily, whilst full back-ups of the Winman32 folder are performed weekly and monthly to allow the retrieval of data over an extended period. This ensures that your Photos, Letters, Statements etc are also regularly backed up.

CFPwinMan SDB backup information

  • On your SQL server, the below is the folder that contains your Images, Statements, Letters, Invoices etc – this is the folder you would likely back up weekly or monthly

  • The below is the back up of the database itself. This is the file you would likely back up daily
    \\[servername]\cfp backups\backups

If you have multiple databases, you will find a folder for each database in this location.

Your daily backups of the SQL databases

They will be in the above location and will be called the following:

  • Filename
    • winmansqldata001_FullDBBackup_[date\time sequence].bak
    • winmansqldata002_FullDBBackup_[date\time sequence].bak (*)
    • winmansqldiary001_FullDBBackup_[date\time sequence].bak
    • winmansqldiary002_FullDBBackup_[date\time sequence].bak (*)
    • winmansqlkeys_[company name]_keys_FullDBBackup_[date\time sequence].bak (#)
    • (*) Will only appear if multiple databases have been setup
    • (#) Will only be there if the Key module has been purchased
  • File Size
    • Will increase in size each day
  • Other
    • The cfp backups folder will hold 7 days’ worth of backups