How do I set up an instalment plan for block management?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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If any of your leaseholders have a payment plan arrangement where it has been agreed they don't have to pay as per the management agreement, you can set leaseholders payment instalments individually. 

First, you will need to switch on Apply instalment plans on receipts, in User Defaults.
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This article includes: 

Set up the Service charge budget

In the Service Charge Administrator, when adding a new schedule, you must select the Charge Period as S - Single. This enables you to set a different payment term for each of the leaseholders.
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Schedule Allocation

  1. After you have selected the Charge Period as S - Single, click on the Schedule Name
  2. Click the Schedule Allocation, the graph with a magnifier icon, on the toolbar
  3. The Schedule Allocation for .... will display
    1. In Contributions, tick Apply instalment plans
    2. Click Edit Instalments
    3. Instalment Plans for .... will display
      1. Apply at unit level is ticked for you to add an instalment plan for individual leaseholders 
      2. Tick Reqd to edit the leaseholder on that line
      3. Click in First Instalment, click on the dropdown menu to select a date for the plan to start
      4. Click in Period, then click on the dropdown menu to select a term for the plan
      5. No of Instalments will update how many instalments is needed to complete the payments
      6. Click Apply
    4. Print Instalments
      1. All units, or, choose an individual one by clicking the ... dots to search
      2. Print Instalments - The instalment plan will be sent by the leaseholders selected delivery type
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    5. Click OK to close
    6. Click Exit

The system will create one demand for the full amount to be paid for the full financial year, but in the Receipt screen it will only show the amount due.