Can I report on my active Tenancies?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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It's possible to create a report to include only Active Tenancies or which includes Inactive Tenancies.

On the Tenancy Information, there is a tick box to determine if the Tenancy is Active for the related Property and Landlord.

Version allows you to specify if a Tenancy is Active or Inactive in the Custom Report Generator.

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click General on the dropdown menu
  3. Click Custom
  4. Click Finished 
  5. The Report Generator will open. Click on the Create Reports tab
  6. In the list of Tenancy fields, you have and can select Is Active Tenancy
    1. Filter Field - Appears when Is Active Tenancy is selected
    2. Action - In the dropdown menu, select Equals
    3. ASK Value - In the dropdown menu, select True
    4. The column in your report will now only show Yes, being the Active Tenancies. Change the ASK Value to False to show all your Inactive Tenancies

You can generate the report and save the report, as you require.
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