What are the main differences between winMan ADB and winMan SDB?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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CFPwinMan SDB has been continually developed and improved over the past few years so there are quite a few differences that you'll notice. Outlined below are the main areas that we’d recommend familiarising yourself with. Whilst not an exhaustive list, it contains the key things you need to know to ensure a smooth transition.

This article includes: 

Multiple bank accounts

By default, you will have one unrestricted bank account in SDB but you can have as many restricted access banks as you like.

Bank transfer

You have the ability to replicate a transfer of money between accounts to match the transfer to your bank.
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Bank interest

In CFPwinMan SDB, you are able to add interest onto bank accounts to ensure a complete bank reconciliation.
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Assigning bank accounts

You are able to assign additional bank account to individual Landlords and Properties.

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Paying contractors

There have been significant changes to Pay Contractor.
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Match & Mail

There are new Brochure, Window Card and Photo List Templates, that allow you to add your own company branding and colours.

  • You can choose to add template furniture such as EPC charts, Floorplans etc
  • The way you match Properties and Applicants has also been improved
  • You can also customise your new Match & Mail

Demo or training databases

Accessing your demo data has more options. The first time you access it, it will save a copy of the data. When you next go into demo, you have the option to copy all of your data again or open your saved data, which is often quicker.
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Changing property ownership

You can change the Landlord of a Property by cloning the records, rather than having to enter all of the information from scratch.

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Managing gas certificates

You can manage your gas certificate due dates and remove dates where properties are without gas.
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Remove property available date

Upon creating a tenancy, you are now prompted to update the property available date and its status.
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Add multiple photos

If you upload photos to a property, you can now add more than one at a time.
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User Definable Dates and Applicants in Custom Reports

In the release for version, there is the ability to report on User Defined Dates in the Custom Report
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GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Changes have been made to assist in compliance with GDPR that came into effect on 25th May 2018.
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