What Tenancy information is uploaded to the TDS?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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Outlined below is the information on the Tenancy Information that needs to be completed in order for a successful upload to the TDS.

This article includes: 

Mandatory information

Once you have created the Tenancy and selected The Dispute Service as your desired Protection Scheme, there are a number of mandatory details which need to be filled in on the Tenancy Information, in order for you to obtain a certificate. These include:

  • Tenancy - Start date
  • Tenancy - Current start date
  • Tenancy – Renewal Date
  • Tenancy – Deposit requested

Vacating Date should not be entered as the Renewal Date is used as the Expected End Date on certificates.

Once the above fields are completed and all or part of the deposit monies have been received as Deposit Held, an upload will be scheduled.
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If you receipt a partial amount of the deposit as Deposit Held, the Tenancy will be registered with the TDS as the amount in Deposit Requested, being the full amount. 

To avoid this, receipt any partial payments of deposit as unallocated first, then allocate it to the full deposit once it is received
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Upload completed

Once the certificate has been downloaded, the Tenancy Information will be updated.

  1. On the Tenancy Information, click the Deposit Protection tab
  2. Click the Tenancy Deposit
    1. The Upload Date will be completed
    2. Registered should contain a tick
    3. Reg No will be filled in, confirming this Tenancy as registered with TDS

If the upload was unsuccessful, you can click Re-Upload to manually force the said Tenancy to re-upload. However, this will only become available once an upload has already taken place.