How do I start using my TDS automatic uploads module?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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Before the TDS upload service is set up on your system, you will need to request FTP details on the TDS website.

  1. Log in to your TDS account
  2. Click Import Functions on the left of the screen
  3. Click Request FTP Account

The FTP details should be available after 24 hours.

This article includes: 

Multiple databases

If you have multiple databases, normally for different branches, each of these should be set up with the TDS website so that they have their own Branch ID that is used within the TDS configurator.

If you are uploading to the same account from multiple databases, ensure the databases use different codes for Landlords, Properties, Tenancies and Tenants as this can cause instances of replication of records.

For example, database 1 has L1001 Mr Smith and uploads a Tenancy Y1001 Mr Jones. You then upload L1001 Mr Harris from database 2 with a Tenancy of Y1001 Mr Williams, which will overwrite the existing record on the TDS.

You will receive the certificate correctly, however, The Dispute Service website will show L1001 Mr Harris as being the Landlord for both of the Tenancies in question, Jones and Williams.

Multi office

As with multiple databases, ensure that each branch is set up with the TDS. If all deposits are held by a central account, you will need to ensure that you inform the TDS that this is the case.

Tenancies registered before setting up TDS

Existing, manually registered Tenancies cannot be uploaded using this method unless you have been registering records with the codes that you use in winMan, i.e. L1001, P1001 etc and not the automatically generated numbers used by the TDS.