Can I notify staff when there is a status change

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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It's possible to send an email notification to a colleague when a property status is changed.

For example, you can set up a rule so that if the property Status is changed, those users set up in the Event Wizard will receive an email to inform them of this change. This can also be used for a change of Status on another contact record such as a Tenancy Status change.


You will need access to User Defaults, to edit your default settings. These can be accessed by those who have the correct permissions

This article includes: 

Rules in User Defaults

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults on the dropdown menu
  3. System Events is in the left column. Click the Event Wizard
    1. Activate a Rule - Tick Activate next to the required rule
    2. Amend the Rule - Highlight the rule you require and click Edit Rule
    3. Click Save once you have made your changes to the Rule

You can change the name of the Rule and choose whether the Email Delivery Type is set to Show or Silent.

  • Show - When a user changes the relevant Status, the email they are sending appears on their screen so they can edit it prior to sending, if required
  • Silent - The email will automatically send in the background and it won’t be editable


Choose terms of a rule

Select the Rule name which you want to change. With the Rule highlighted, you can choose the Terms of the Rule by clicking on the blue text.

  1. Click Status Changes From - Initially you will see this at the top of the screen
  2. Click the icon to expand the options, and continue to use the icon next to the one you require
    1. For example, you could set it so when the Status Changes From a specific Landlord Status such as Overseas to a different Landlord Status such as UK, all the accounts staff are notified
    2. You would choose All Landlord Status, then click on the + icon next to it and select the status of Overseas. Click Save
    3. In this example, we have chosen the status of UK so recipients will be notified when a Landlord Status changes from Overseas to UK


Select users to receive emails

Send Email, Copy Email (cc), Copy Email (bcc) - These allow you to choose the recipients of the email message sent upon Status Change.

  1. Click Send Email and then click on the + icon to expand the list of winMan SDB Users
  2. Locate the user in the list and tick the box next to their name
  • The recipients must be Users in CFPwinMan with an email address
    For more information on How can I unlock, reset and add security to a password, click here 


Add an email subject and text

  1. Click Set Email Subject. This allows you to set the Email Subject and the text of the Email Body that will be received when the Status changes
  2. Click Merge Codes. Drag them into the Email Subject or Email Body so that the email will automatically merge either the Status change or the Record Details if required
  3. Click Save


When all of the above is completed, if a User changes the Status of a Landlord from Overseas to UK, the Users you have selected will receive the following email:


Add a new rule

If you wish to add new rules, i.e. when a Tenancy status changes to Vacated:

  1. Click New Rule 
  2. Double click on the rule that shows
  3. Name the new rule
  4. Follow the steps above to set the Parameters, Delivery Type, Recipients etc