How do I view and track Rightmove Landlord and Tenant Service applications?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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There is an additional tab on the Organiser for Tenant Referencing where you can manage the progress of current Rightmove Landlord and Tenant Service references in progress, and your account.

This article includes: 

Access Tenant Referencing from the Organiser

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Organiser on the dropdown menu
    1. Alternatively, click the folded page icon on the toolbar
  3. Click on the Tenant Referencing tab
  4. The Rightmove Landlord and Tenant Service webpage will display
    • Search - Find a reference by a tenants surname or the property address
    • New References  - New reference orders can be created but won't be saved to Tenancy
    • References - All existing reference orders
    • Rent Guarantees - Any rent guarantee orders you have requested
    • Your Account
      • Set up email addresses for notification emails
      • View invoices from the Rightmove Landlord and Tenant Service
      • View pricing tables


Once an order has been placed, it shows in the New References list along with the Tenants names, Property Address, Ordered date and Result. 

The Result column has four statuses:

  • Pending - An order that's been placed and is waiting for the tenant or guarantor to complete the application
  • Accept - The application has been accepted
  • Fail - The application has failed
  • Waiting - Rightmove Landlord and Tenant Service is waiting for the agent to tell them what to do next
    • Either abort the order or add a guarantor
    • If abort is chosen, the status goes back to Pending and the whole line is struck through
    • If a guarantor is added, the status goes back to Pending and the guarantor is added

If you click on the arrow to the right of a line, further details on the progress of the application will display with some additional options.

Tenancy History Log

The History Log on each Tenancy Information, where referencing has been ordered, will record the various stages of its progress. 

  1. On an Information record, click on the book icon on the toolbar to view the History Log
  2. The Date and Event will record the Tenant Referencing Ordered 
  3. The Notes will display its status at that date 
    • Submitted – records the submission of the order
    • Accessed - records each time the View Existing Order is opened in the Tenant Referencing tab
    • Finished - records when the application is accepted or failed
    • Abandoned – records when an application that needs authorisation is aborted