How do I add a new Contractor?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below outline how you add a new Contractor, including:

  • Adding the Contractors bank details
  • Adding commission and fixed deductions
  • Adding payment terms
  • Adding a Public Liability Insurance reminder date
  • Linking documents such as a Public Liability Insurance certificate
  • Adding an additional email address
  • Generating letters

 Best practice

When adding information into the Contractor Information record, press the Tab key on your keyboard to move your cursor to the next field. This will help ensure no information is missed

This article includes: 

Adding a Contractor

  1. Click Contractors from the side menu
    1. Alternatively, click Information on the main toolbar
    2. Select Contractors from the dropdown menu
  2. Click New, the folded page icon, on the toolbar
  3. A blank, new Contractor Information appears
  4. Contact information appears on all Worksheets and their Payment Advice
    1. Name - Add their full name
    2. Salutation - Edit this to suit how you would like to address them in a letter, i.e. Dear Tony or Mr Shaw
    3. Company - Add their company name in full
    4. Address - The address of your Contractors correspondence
    5. Code - The next number will populate. This can be edited now but not after you save this record
    6. Status - Edit to the correct trade
      1. If the Status isn't listed, click into the Status field and type the trade you want to add
      2. Click Yes to confirm if you want to add the Status as a permanent status type
    7. VAT - The number can be added, if applicable
    8. Phone Numbers - Add all telephone numbers in the corresponding fields
    9. Email address - Add one email address. Additional email addresses can be added in the Email tab
    10. Account Manager - Select from the dropdown menu, if required
    11. Payment Terms - If you have agreed payment terms, enter the number of days
  5. Deductions
    1. If you have agreed a commission with a Contractor, you can set up the commission as a percentage or a fixed deduction
      For more information on How can I take commission on a contractors expense, click here
  6. The Bank Details tab is already displayed
    1. Bank Name - The name of the Contractors bank 
    2. Payment Type - Select the payment method from the dropdown menu
      For more information on Setting up and making payments by AutoBanking, click here
    3. Sort Code, Account No., Account Name - Add the Contractors bank details 
    4. Reference - If using AutoBanking to upload your payments, the reference will appear on the Contractors bank statement, i.e. enter your Agency name
    5. BDC - If using AutoBanking, your bank will provide you with this number, if required
    6. Statement Remark and Invoice Remark - You can change the wording of a default Remark in User Defaults. Refer to Statement Remark below
  7. Click the Letters tab
    1. A letter can be added to a tab and button. This will merge the details of your Contractor which you can either email or post
      For more information on How do I create a letter, click here
  8. Click the Preference Centre tab
    1. Select their preferred Delivery Type and untick Print if email is selected
      For more information on Can I set all my records to email, click here
    2. Click thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate the Contractors consent for marketing
      For more information on How can I record consent preferences for GDPR, click here
  9. Click the Email tab 
    1. If you haven't already saved your record, click the disk icon, Save this record, on the toolbar
    2. Tick Email Worksheets to set the default of email when sending a Worksheet to your Contractor
    3. The Primary Email appears in the first Email Address column and ticked as Primary
    4. Add additional Email addresses to each additional blank line
    5. Only the email in the top section of the Information record will be the Primary Email
      For more information on Can I set all my records to email, click here
  10. Click the Links tab
    1. Documents saved on your computer can be linked to your Contractor, such as their Public Liability Insurance Certificate
      For more information on Can I link a document to a record, click here 
  11. Click the User Definable Dates tab
    1. Add a date for the expiry of the Contractor Public Liability Insurance
    2. A reminder appears on the Organiser, Additional Dates tab, for you to manage
      For more information on How do I add additional dates, click here 
  12. Click the Branches tab
    1. If you have Multi Office switched on, select the Branches to be associates to this Contractor


  • Hide or Show Notes
    • Any additional notes can be added in the Notes boxes, i.e. Emergency call out fees, working hours, etc
    • Click Hide or Show Notes when required, or set your default for them to permanently be hidden or shown
      For more information on How can I show or hide notes on a contact record, click here

Statement Remark

If you would like to change the Statement Remark which appears on the Contractor Remittance and Payment Advice, you will need access to User Defaults, to edit your default settings. These can be accessed by those who have the correct permissions.

The Landlord and Contractor Statement Remarks are shared. They are set up in the Landlord Remarks.

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults on the dropdown menu
  3. Click Preferences 
  4. Click the Stationery tab
  5. Click the Landlord Statement tab
  6. Landlord Statement Remark - Edit 1, 2 or 3. They cannot be blank, use a full stop in place of text if required
  7. Click Close
  8. Click Close

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