How can I pay a Contractor from a Landlord retention?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how to pay a Contractor from a Landlords retained money without updating the Landlord Payment.

If your Landlord has not received any income but you are holding a retained amount of money, you can pay your Contractor expenses from the retention.

Retained money may be held for the following reasons:

  • A brought forward balance from the previous statement
  • A carried forward figure, held for the purpose of paying an expected Contractor expense
  • A permanent amount of retained money, held as a float to cover expenses when income isn't available
  • A permanent Retain All has been agreed with the Landlord for money to be carried forward every month and not paid to the Landlord

If you would like to know more about retaining money for future expenses from your landlord, click here for more information on How can I add a float or retain all on a Landlords account.

This article includes: 

Enable in User Defaults

You will need to enable the option to pay Contractors from Landlord retention.


You will need access to User Defaults, to edit your default settings. These can be accessed by those who have the correct permissions

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults on the dropdown menu
  3. Click Preferences
  4. The General tab will display
    1. Tick Pay Contractor Bills on Bought Forward Retention
    2. Click Close
  5. Click Close

Once the above option is ticked, the Pay Contractor expenses not yet updated on a Landlord statement will show in Cash – Pay Cont, providing they are not more than the retained amount.

Pay Contractor 

  1. Double click Contractors from the side menu
  2. Search for the relevant Contractor using Search Text by Name, Code or Status
    1. Alternatively, find the Contractor using Additional Options from the dropdown menu
    2. Or select a Branch if multi branch is set up on your CFPwinMan
  3. Click the Contractor
  4. Click Pay Contractor
    1. Cash – Pay Cont - Click the black arrow to view a list of expenses
    2. Cash Available - Leave unticked on the expense line
    3. Pay Now - Leave ticked
    4. Click Cancel
  5. Tick Pay, if you want to continue with Pay Contractor
    For more information on How do I pay a Contractor, click here
  6. Click Pay Contractor 


Landlord Payment

If the expense is then paid to the Contractor, further entries will show on the Landlord Payment. This is to prevent the retention money being spent again.

These extra lines do not show on the Landlord statement


Landlord Payment Preview