How can I raise multiple invoices at once?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how to raise multiple invoices all at once.

If you have a large number of invoices which need raising, to enable you to receipt money to them, you can raise them all at once and include Rents to Calculate at the same time, if required.

  1. Click Postings on the main toolbar
  2. Click Multiple Invoicing on the dropdown menu
  3. Multiple Invoicing will display
    1. Click on the grid, left of the word Invoices, to view a list of invoices ready to be raised
    2. Double click the box to the left of the word Invoices to select all invoices
    3. Remove the tick on Invoices you don't want to raise them
  4. Invoices - Select if you want to display invoices for only a Tenant, Tenancy or Landlord
  5. Options - Select each tick box to also
    1. Include Calculated Items
      For more information on How do I calculate rents and what is their meaning, click here
    2. Include Items with Vacating Dates
    3. Display unallocated money on invoices 
  6. Covering Letter - Click the ... dots to search for a letter template to send with the invoice
    For more information on How do I create a letter, click here
  7. Click Update
  8. Click Yes to confirm
  9. The tick box on each line will turn green and letters P - Preparing and I - Invoiced will appear
  10. When the process has finished, click Close

The invoice, and covering letter if applicable, will either be printed or emailed depending on the preferences set on the individuals record.
For more information on How can I view GDPR consent preferences, click here