Can I pay multiple Contractors at the same time?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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You can pay more than one Contractor at the same time using Multiple Contractor Payments.

You're able to:

  • Preview and automatically update a Contractor payment
  • Exclude an invoice from a Contractor payment

A Contractor payment is available to pay once a Landlord Payment has been updated. If your Landlord has funds available and you want to pay the Contractor without updating the Landlord Payment, you can force a ledger payment.
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  1. Click Postings on the main toolbar
  2. Click Multiple Contractor Payments on the dropdown menu
  3. A message will appear prompting you to ensure you have a back up of data before proceeding. Click Yes or No 
  4. Multiple Contractor Payments will display
    1. Pay Type - This defaults to AutoBanking. Select from the dropdown menu to select an alternative Pay Type. This will update your Contractors to pay list, as it corresponds to the Payment Type on the Contractor Information, Bank Details tab 
    2. Each of the columns appear in the same way as making a payment from the Contractor Information, Pay Contractor
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    3. Double click to view details of the Contractors payment settings
      1. Alternatively, right click to preview
    4. Tick the Pay column for each Contractor want to pay
    5. Click Pay Contractors
    6. Click Yes to confirm the number of Contractors you selected
    7. Statements will print or email depending on each Contractors Delivery Type
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    8. Click Close