Can I pay multiple Landlords at the same time?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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You can pay more than one Landlord at the same time using Multiple Landlord Payments.

You're able to:

  • Include invoices up to a chosen date
  • Ensure overseas Landlords retain tax to pay HMRC
  • Attach a Contractors invoice
  • Exclude items from payment
  • Pay Landlords with zero balances
  • Defer printing/emailing of Landlord statements to later
  • Add a message to the Landlord statement
  • View any reminders/sticky notes that appear for any payment note
  • View a message if any Works orders are outstanding

Once rent has been received, money will show on the Landlord Payment and on their Account, less any Contractor expenses and fees due.

This article includes: 

Multiple Landlord Payments

  1. Click Postings on the main toolbar
  2. Click Multiple LL Payments on the dropdown menu
  3. A message will appear prompting you to ensure you have a back up of data before proceeding. Click Yes, No or Cancel
  4. A message will appear - If you want to check each statement before updating, select Safety Option
  5. Click OK
  6. The Multiple Landlord Payments will display
    1. Pay Type defaults to AutoBanking. Select from the dropdown menu to select an alternative Pay Type, this will update your Landlords to pay list as it corresponds to the Payment Type on the Landlord Information, Bank Details tab
    2. Safety Option - Tick if required
      1. On Update Statements, after printing or email, it will wait for you to confirm before it's sent
      2. Click Yes or No to each message as it appears
    3. Double click on the Landlord to check their Landlord Payment
      1. Any Landlord with a coloured line, identifies a Payment Note
    4. Show or include Zero balances - Tick if required
    5. Landlord - Tick if you want to search an individual Landlord who is not on the list
    6. Account - Tick if you want to search Landlords associated with a chosen account 
    7. Statement Message - Text will appear on all statements updated 
    8. Tick Pay for each Landlord you are happy to pay
    9. Click Update Statements
    10. Confirm Yes to continue
    11. Statements will print or email depending on each Landlords Delivery Type
      For more information on How can I record consent preferences for GDPR, click here
    12. Click Close



If you have Landlords who are paid by different methods, change the Pay Type to their Payment Type, located on the Landlord Information, Bank Details tab. The screen will refresh so you can pay all Landlords who are paid by Cheque and so on

Show a Landlord with zero balances

  • Provided a Landlord has transactions on their statement, you can produce a statement even if the balance is zero
  • If the Landlord has Retain all selected, they will already appear in the list
  • If they have a zero balance for any other reason, they won’t show unless you tick the box for Show zero balances
  1. Tick Show Zero Balances 
  2. Landlords will appear in the list highlighted pink. Each of these Landlords can be ticked manually to be paid
  3. Landlords will not be included if you tick Select All, unless you tick Include zero balances, then Select All at which point they will also change from pink to white

Defer Landlord statement

If you are paying your Landlords, but wish to save the printing, emailing or SMS production of the statements until later, you can do so from the Multiple Landlord Payments screen.  

  1. Tick Defer Statement Production 
  2. When you then click Update Statements, Landlord Payments will all be processed but nothing will be printed, emailed or texted. This means the update will be much quicker
  3. When you are ready to Print, Email or SMS your statements, click Miscellaneous
  4. Click Deferred Statements
    1. Click on a header to reorder the list
    2. Type in the green line at the top of a list to search for a record in that column 
  5. Click Select All or tick Process to select individual Landlords
    1. Mailing preference - Select this at the bottom of Deferred Statements to override the Landlords Delivery Type, to only print or email statements
  6. Click Produce Statement


They will be printed, emailed or sent via SMS as per the Landlords Delivery Type.
For more information on How can I record consent preferences for GDPR, click here