How can I create my own reports?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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You can create you own customised reports by selecting specific fields from the Information record.
You're able to:

  • Create a custom report to capture a date range
  • Create a custom report to filter by Status i.e. your managed Tenancies
  • Create and save a report to produce at any time
  • Delete a custom report
  • Edit a custom report
  • Set password permissions for custom reports
  • Set your preferred order for each report to appear in Order Report By

This article includes: 

Create a report


If you select the Status code for a record in your report, you can use the Filter fields to show only your managed or let only records, and remove any archived ones from your report

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click General from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Custom 
  4. Click Finished
  5. The Custom Report Generator will open. Click the Create Reports tab. Each box relates to an Information record i.e. Landlords, Properties etc
  6. Version allows you to report on Applicants, tick Include Applicants next to the Tenant 
  7. Double click on a code to add it into your custom Report Results
    1. The report holds up to 10 codes. You can choose several codes from one Information record
    2. Report Results appear in the lower half of your screen. Results appear in the order which they are selected 
    3. Undo Field removes the last field added, one at a time. Filter Field appears on the right
      For more information on how to use the Filter, see Filter field below
    4. Order Report - Choose the preferred order to generate your report, it will arrange the report in alphabetical/numerical order, dependant on the field
    5. Report Orientation - Select which layout you prefer depending on the Report Results
    6. Preview Report - If required
    7. Click Generate Report to open, then you can choose to print and view
    8. Click Export to Excel, if you prefer to save the report in a location on your computer
    9. Click Save Layout. If it's a report you frequently use, it's saved in the Defined Reports tab
      1. Click to rename your report in the Custom Report Generator 
      2. Click Yes if you would like to protect the report from other uses gaining access
      3. Enter a password and click Yes to save
      4. Click Ok
    10. Click X to close


Filter field

In the Filter field, you can filter the report to only include specific criteria. For example, if you include Tenancy Status, in Action, you can choose one of the options such as Equals or Filter.

This allows you to report on records with the specific Tenancy Status you require.

  1. In the above example, Property Status was selected as part of the report
  2. In Actions, next to Property Status, click the dropdown menu and select Filter
  3. Filter Elements will display with all your Property Status types. Click to highlight the Status types you want to include in your Report Results
  4. Click OK


You can also Filter by Date Range by selecting the Date Code you wish to report on i.e. Tenancy Start Date.

In Filter field

  1. In Actions, next to the Inspection date, click the dropdown menu and select Between Dates 
  2. Click Generate Report
  3. A message will appear for you to enter a Start Date and an End Date for the period you require. If there are no dates in the period, a message will appear. Click OK
  4. If a report is available, click OK  
  5. Click Save Layout to keep the report in your Defined Reports tab


Defined reports

Any reports where you have clicked Save Layout, will be held in the Defined Reports tab in the right side column.

Each time you produce one of your saved reports, it will be updated with the latest information based on your data of your reported fields.

Your saved reports can be saved into the favourites boxes.

  1. Click and drag your report to one of the boxes on the screen to create a favourites list
    1. Favourite boxes can be renamed in the User Defaults tab
  2. Click on a report, then select to either
    1. New Report by Modification - This will open it up in Create Reports for you to modify your report
    2. Change Report Display Name - Overtype the existing name to save as a new named report
    3. Click Generate Report to open. You can choose to print and view
    4. Click Export to Excel if you prefer to save the report in a location on your computer
    5. Click X to close

User Defaults

Saved reports can be organised into favourite boxes, as described in Defined reports above. Each of these boxes can be given a header to help organise your reports into a particular group.

  1. In the Custom Report Generator view, click the User Defaults tab
  2. In Favourite (Group) Headings, type the header you want to appear on each corresponding favourite box
  3. Click Save Settings


This header will appear above the first favourite box.


Password permissions and delete custom reports

If you no longer need a saved custom report, they can be deleted, providing the user has password permission.

  1. In the Custom Report Generator view, click the User Defaults tab
  2. Click Maintain Access Levels
  3. The Password Maintenance will appear
    1. User Access Levels - Each user will be listed. Select the required permission for each user
    2. Reports - Each of the saved custom reports will be listed
      1. Tick any which you wish to delete
      2. Click Delete Selected Reports
      3. In the second level authorisation, enter your CFP password 
      4. Confirmation of which report will be deleted is displayed. Click Yes
      5. Click OK to confirm the reports being deleted successfully
      6. Click Exit