How do I produce a Period Statement for a Landlord?

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A Period Statement, otherwise known as 'the annual statement' or 'yearly report', can be produced for your Landlords to show all income and expenditure for a date period, such as a tax year.

It's also possible to produce a Period Statement that will show the amount of overseas deductions and entries. You can:

  • Produce a Period Statement by Status 
  • Produce a Period Statement for all Overseas Landlords
  • Resend a Period Statement
  • View differences between Period Statements and NRL reports
  • Produce an Annual Summary Report

The statement will use your usual statement header settings and summarise all income and expenditure from the chosen date range.

If a Landlord has more than one property, each property will be listed separately.

This article includes: 

Produce a Period Statement

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Accounts from the dropdown menu
    1. Date filter - Select the date range required
    2. Accounts - You can leave as All Accounts or select one using Choose Account
    3. Click the ... In Period Statements on the right column
    4. From and To
      1. Leave these if you want to produce all Landlord statements
      2. If you want to report for a single Landlord, click in From, select the Landlord, repeat for To
    5. Status - Leave as Any to select all, or use the dropdown to choose a single status type
      1. Select UK to produce all those with this status
      2. Select Overseas to produce all those with this status. The Period Statement will include a summary of their overseas tax payments
    6. Statement Options - Leave as Period Statement
    7. Preview the report to see it onscreen
    8. Print - All Period Statements will print. This will override a Landlords Delivery Type
    9. Preferred Method - They will print and/or email depending on each Landlord’s Preferences
      For more information on How can I record consent preferences for GDPR, click here
    10. Click Period Statement to produce the reports
    11. Click OK to confirm the message for the actions you are taking in the above steps

A copy of the Period Statement will be saved to the corresponding Landlords History Log.

Produce an Annual Summary Report

  1. Follow the steps above to Produce a Period Statement. At step 6 - Statement Options, select Summary Report
  2. Click Period Statement to produce the summary report
  3. The report will produce income and fees for each property owned by the landlord, as well as a total of the figures 
  4. On the bottom of the report, you can choose:
    1. Print 
    2. Preview
    3. Export to Excel - If selected, your computer files will open for you to save in a location 
  5. Click OK to confirm the message for the actions you are taking in the above steps

Resend a Period Statement

  1. Double click Landlords from the side menu
  2. Search for the relevant Landlord using Search Text by Name, Code or Status
    1. Alternatively, find the Landlord using Additional Options from the dropdown menu
    2. If searching for an archived record in Only Search Listable Records, select No
    3. Or select a Branch if multi branch is set up on your CFPwinMan
  3. Select the Landlord
  4. Click the Book, Open the History Log, icon
  5. In the Event column, locate the Period Statement
  6. Right click Send Email. The email will open in Outlook
    For more information on How do I set up CFPwinMan to send emails, click here

Differences between Period Statements and NRL reports

Different figures can occur between the NRL Report and a Landlord’s Period Statement for the same date range due to the dates of the receipts and expenses paid.

  • NRL will take into account the date that the expenses were paid to the Contractor
  • The Period Statement will look at the date they were deducted from the Landlord
  • Rent and income - The NRL will use the date income was received from the Tenant/Tenancy
  • The Period Statement will use the date the income was paid to the Landlord

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