How do I automatically reverse a receipt?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how to automatically reverse a receipt from either a Landlord, Tenant or Tenancy.

When the receipt is reversed, the amount appears as a Debit on the corresponding account history and on your Bank Reconciliation. A replacement invoice is also created.

Depending if the receipt was receipted on either the Landlord, Applicant/Tenant Information or Tenancy Information, will depend which option you select to reverse the receipt. In this example, we'll use the Tenancy.

  1. Click Miscellaneous on the main toolbar
  2. Click Receipt Reversal from the dropdown menu
  3. Select either Landlord, Tenancy or Tenant - depending where your receipt was receipted
  4. Click the ... dots to search for the corresponding record
  5. A list of receipts from that record will appear
    1. List Receipts After and Including - Select a specific date, if you want to narrow the list
    2. Include Items Paid to Landlords - Tick to choose from the list of those receipts paid to landlords
    3. Column one - Double click the box to reverse both receipts associated with the one payment
    4. Column two - Double click the box to reverse a single receipt 
    5. A Confirm Selection message will appear - Click Yes to confirm
    6. A Receipt Reversals message will appear
      1. Raise Invoice - If you want to raise a fee to your Tenant for this process, the Tenancy Invoice screen will open. Add the details to a new line and click Close to continue the Receipt Reversal
      2. Click OK to confirm
    7. Your receipt has been reversed - Click OK

The Receipt Reversal grid will display a Debit entry as well as the original Credit entry.


The Tenancy Information, Account will show the reverse entry as a Debit.


The original entry is automatically added to the Tenancy Receipt for the Tenant to pay.


The Bank Reconciliation will show the Debit entry. This can be reconciled to match the entry on your bank statement.
For more information on Bank Reconciliation, click here


If the Landlord had already been paid, reversing a receipt will place a Debit entry on the Landlord Payment so an adjustment is made the next time a statement is produced

 Did you know...

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