How can I comply with a GDPR personal information request?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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If a client requests a copy of their personal data, the information can be obtained from the Export Held Data icon. This is available on the toolbar of every Contact record.


If your client requests a portability export, click here for more information on How can I comply with a GDPR portability request. 


At step 7 below below, make a note of the password as you and the contact who requested the information will need the password to open the encrypted files

  1. Locate your contact record
  2. Click the Export Held Data icon on the toolbar
  3. The Data Protection Export Data to Customer window displays, containing the Export Options
  4. Tick to select the information you wish to export
  5. Click the ... dots to select a folder in which to save the exported files
  6. Click Export and you will receive a message containing a password
  7. Click Yes to open the folder
    1. The data you requested for export will be placed into an encrypted zip file in the location you selected
    2. The Password for the encrypted folder is in the message
    3. The Password will be copied to your clipboard, so you just need to paste it when required
    4. Double click on the file to receive a prompt for you to paste in the password
    5. Double click again on individual files, if more than one was exported
    6. You will see a file for each of the Export Options you selected
    7. Click Cancel to exit Export Held Data


  • To open the file, you and the Contact who requested the information will need the password
  • If you lose the password, delete the exported files from their location and repeat the Export Held Data process again to create a new encrypted file with a new password