How can I view GDPR consent preferences?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how to view the consent preferences of a contact record for the purposes of GDPR.

On each Applicant/Tenant, Landlord, Contractor, Guarantor and Tenancy Information record there is a designated tab to the Preference Centre.

When you add a new contact record, contacts will always default to consent denied, identified by a red thumbs down icon This can be changed in the Preferences Centre tab.

Existing contact records, prior to GDPR being introduced, will have unknown consent, grey thumbs down icon, until changes to the individuals consent preferences are made.

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Consent preferences on an Information record

On all Information records, there is a Preference Centre tab. Occasionally you may need to use the black arrows at the end of the tabs to move along the rows.

  1. Click the Preference Centre tab
    1. Delivery Type - Identifies the method which they would like to be contacted
      For more information on Can I set all my records to email, click here
    2. Consent Preferences - The options listed will change depending on which record you are viewing
    3. Green thumbs up - Indicates consent has been given
    4. Red thumbs down - Indicates consent has been denied
    5. Grey thumbs down - Indicates consent unknown, tenants added prior to GDPR legislation
    6. Changed - The date appears when the thumbs are clicked to record changes
    7. Updated By - The users initials appear each time the thumbs are clicked to record any changes
  2. A record of the updated entry will be recorded in the History Log


Shortcut icon to contacts preferences

There is an email icon on the toolbar of each Information record to show the contacts Marketing Consent Preferences.

Hover your cursor over the icon to see a description of their Marketing Consent Preferences.




Consent preferences when sending an email

When you are sending an email to multiple records, either using the Organiser to select individual records or by Message All Tenants on a Tenancy Information, you'll see a list of the selected contacts with their General Marketing Consent status.