Comp Codes

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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Each Account item listed in CFPwinMan includes one or more of the codes, LCODE, PCODE, TYCODE, TCODE, CCODE or BCODE which links them to the associated Landlord Information, Property Information, Tenancy Information, Tenant Information, Contractor Information or Bank Information.

The CompCode column contains a code to describe the transaction type, and this is particularly useful when investigating accounts queries.


Understanding the code structure

The CompCode is made up of 5 digits. To find out what this code means, refer to the tables below.

For example, ITRNT:

  • Column 1 codes - Find the row I, Invoicing
  • Column 2 codes - Find the row T, Tenant/Tenancy
  • Column 3 codes - These are the last three digits of the code RNT, Rent

Therefore, CompCode ITRNT means an INVOICE to the TENANT for RENT.

CompCodes can be seen in the Account table for Landlords, Properties, Tenancies, Tenants and Contractors.

Column 1 codes:

Column 2 codes:

Column 3 codes: