How do I transfer a deposit across Tenancies?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how you can transfer a Tenants deposit either in part or in full, from one Tenancy, or Tenant record to another, using the Cash Adjustment function in your CFPwinMan software.


  • If you hold the deposit in a separate deposit account, you'll need to transfer it back into your client account first
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  • Or, if you have transferred it across to the Custodial Scheme using Custodial Transfers Due:
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  1. Click Posting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Cash Adjustment from the dropdown menu
  3. Deposit A/C Cash Adjustment will display
    1. Date - should be updated to the date of the transfer
    2. Select Account - Click Locate to select the bank account where the money is held
    3. First Client - Click Locate to select the Tenancy or Tenant that holds the deposit
    4. Second Client - Click Locate to select the Tenancy or Tenant to which you want to transfer the deposit
    5. Amount - Enter the amount you wish to transfer
    6. Description - Enter your preferred description
    7. Click Update and the deposit will be transferred
    8. Click Close


The transfer will be recorded on the corresponding Tenancy or Tenants, Account record.