How do I receipt a holding deposit?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show how to receipt a holding deposit where you have no invoice raised and you don't want to receipt it into a deposit scheme, because it is not yet a security deposit for the Tenancy.

A holding deposit can be receipted onto either the Applicant or Tenancy Information.

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Receipt unallocated money

If you have received payment for a holding deposit, you can receipt the money as unallocated on either the Applicant or Tenancy, then apply it to an invoice when one is raised. In this example, we will receipt it to the Tenancy.

  1. Double click Tenancies from the side menu
  2. Search for the relevant Tenancy using Search Text by Name, Code or Status
    1. Alternatively, find the Tenancy using Additional Options from the dropdown menu
    2. Or select a Branch if multi branch is set up on your CFPwinMan
  3. Select the Tenancy
  4. Click Receipt
    1. Receipt Date - Edit to the correct date which corresponds to the date on your bank statement
    2. Type - Edit to the correct option from the dropdown menu i.e. Internet
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    3. Bank Account - The default bank account is set on each property, this can be changed if required
    4. Receipt Branch - Select a different branch, if required
    5. Receipt Ref - The next consecutive receipt will be applied or edit if required
    6. Amount Received - Enter the amount received
    7. Remainder to Assign - Indicates the amount entered
    8. In Receipt Unallocated Money at the bottom of the screen, enter the Amount Agency Fee or Deposit Held
    9. Description - The default wording can be overtyped and edited, if required
    10. Send Options - Untick to send, unless you want to send a copy to your Tenant
    11. Click Update
    12. Click Close

A copy of the receipt will be saved to the History Log.

Using the unallocated money

The unallocated amount will be recorded in the centre of the Receipt screen and can be allocated to an invoice at a later date by clicking in the box next to the amount.

If the unallocated money was receipted in to the incorrect type of unallocated, it can be moved by clicking the arrow button next to the amount


You can produce a list of all unallocated money.
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