How can I show or hide notes on a contact record?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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On every Landlord, Tenant, Applicant and Tenancy Information record, there are a stack of four Notes boxes. On a Guarantor and Contractor Information record, there is one Notes box.

At the bottom of the Notes boxes, you can Hide or Show Notes. These options can also be set by default.

This article includes: 

Manually show or hide notes

  1. Click on either a Landlord, Tenant, Applicant, Tenancy, Guarantor or Contractor
  2. The Notes field is on the right hand side, in the lower section of the Information record
    1. Landlord, Tenant, Applicant and Tenancy appear with four Notes boxes. Guarantor and Contractor appear with one Notes box
  3. Click Hide Notes to close the Notes box
  4. Click Show Notes to open the Notes box

Set User Defaults to show or hide notes


You will need access to User Defaults, to edit your default settings. These can be accessed by those who have the correct permissions

  1. Click Defaults on the main toolbar
  2. Click User Defaults from the dropdown menu
  3. The Standard tab will be selected. Click Preferences
  4. On the first column, a header Information screen displays
    1. Tick Show Notes by Default, to always show the Notes boxes open
    2. Untick Show Notes by Default, to always show the Notes boxes hidden
    3. Click Close
  5. Click Close

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