How do I receipt a deposit to be paid to a Landlord?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below show you how you can receipt a deposit on a Tenancy, to pay to a Landlord who will be protecting it themselves, in their nominated deposit protection scheme.

This article includes: 

Set deposit to Landlord on the Tenancy

The Deposit Protection Service - Custodial must be selected on the Tenancy Information for the Custodial Transfer routine to work and for the corresponding deposits to appear on your Organiser.

  1. Double click Tenancies from the side menu
  2. Search for the relevant Tenancy Search Text by Name, Code or Status
    1. Alternatively, find the tenancy using Additional Options from the dropdown menu
    2. Or select a Branch if multi branch is set up on your CFPwinMan
  3. Select the Tenancy
  4. The Tenancy Details tab will display
    1. Deposit Type - Select Deposit to Landlord
    2. Deposit Protection Scheme - Select Deposit to Landlord from the dropdown menu. This will ensure the initial invoice is created as Deposit to Landlord, rather than Deposit Held
      For more information on How do I add an initial invoice, click here
    3. Click the disk icon, Save this record, on the toolbar


Set the Landlords deposit scheme

To ensure the deposit can be paid to the Landlord, you also need to select which scheme the Landlord will register the deposit with.

  1. Continuing from the Tenancy Information above, click the Landlord dropdown arrow to navigate to the Landlord Information
  2. Click the Deposit Protection tab. Use the small black arrows at the end of the tabs to move along
  3. Select the Scheme which the Landlords will lodge the deposit
  4. Details of the scheme will display
  5. Click the disk icon, Save this record, on the toolbar


Paying a deposit to the Landlord

Once you have receipted the deposit, it will show as payable on the Landlord Payment screen.
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Error message - Tenancy deposit not set up

If you get the following red message at the top of the Landlord Payment screen:

  • Check the settings are set as above
  • Ensure the Scheme on the Landlord Information has not been left as Unknown