How do I send a letter to all Landlords or Tenants of managed properties?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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The steps below explain how you can send an email or letter in bulk to a group of all your managed Landlords or Tenants. 

You have the option to either:

  • Create a letter template in the Word Processor to merge and send the letter by email
  • Create a letter template in the Word Processor to merge and print it for posting
  • Send an ad hoc email - All recipients set to email are sent an individual email which cannot be seen by others 
  • Print a list of labels for all those who don't have a registered email or whose consent preference is set to post and not email


If you select Tenancies at step 4 - Status, the Email Preference Link will NOT be included in the email sent to recipients as a Tenancy is not a separate contact record, so you need to select Tenants instead

This article includes: 

Report Generator

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Select General from the dropdown menu
  3. The Report Generator will display
    1. Select Report Type - Information
    2. Select From - All Tenancies
  4. Click Next
    1. Select Record Source - Select Properties
    2. Status - Select Managed. Items selected show as Blue
  5. Click Next
    1. Specify Additional Criteria - Consent Options - The default is set to Consented 
    2. Select Consent Unknown and Not Consented for sending a document you are confident falls outside of GDPR legislation
      For more information on How can I record consent preferences for GDPR, click here
  6. Click Next
    1. Report Order - Nothing needs to be edited here, as you are creating an email, not a report
  7. Click Next
    1. Applicants Information Report - Continue following the steps below for either bulk sending an Ad hoc email or bulk emailing letters
  8. Select your Recipient Options, Landlord or Tenancy
  9. Click Finished


Bulk send an Ad hoc email

If you wish to only send an email, i.e. to all Landlords,

  1. Follow steps 1 – 8 of the Report Generator above
  2. Applicants Information Report - Keep Report selected
  3. Click Create Email 
  4. Click Finished
    1. A message will appear asking if you would like addresses of records who do not have an email address, to be in the form of labels. Click Yes or No
    2. A message will appear warning you have records with Unknown Consent or No Consent. Click Yes to continue or No to cancel
    3. A message will appear showing you which email addresses the message will be sent to. Click OK to continue
  5. Compose Email will open where you can add 
    1. Subject Line
    2. Message Body 
    3. Attachments 
  6. Click Send Email when you are happy with your message


A separate email will be sent to each contact you have selected

Each email will include a link to the Preferences Centre where the recipient can update their Consent Preferences

Outlook must be open on your computer for the message to send

Bulk email a letter

  1. If you wish to email a letter to all Landlords, Contractors or Tenants, you will need to create the letter in the CFP Word Processor first
    For more information on How do I create a letter, click here
  2. Follow steps 1 – 7 of the Report Generator above 
  3. Select Letter 
  4. Select Preview or Print/Email
  5. Select Finished 
    1. A message will appear warning you have records with Unknown Consent or No Consent. Click Yes to continue or No to cancel
    2. You will be navigated to the Letters folder where your letter created at step 1 was saved. Double click on the required letter
  6. If Preview was selected
    1. This will Preview all of the Letters first, which will open in the Word Processor one on top of each other
    2. Click on the Email icon at the top of the Word Processor to send each one separately
    3. Click on the Print icon at the top of the Word Processor to print a copy for posting
    4. Close the document you have sent or print and repeat the process until they are all sent
  7. If Print/Email was selected
    1. This will either Email or Print the letter dependent on the Delivery Type selected in the Preference Centre on the individual Information page