How do I use Microsoft Word letters in CFPwinMan?

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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To use Microsoft Word letters in CFPwinMan, you need to have your Microsoft Word document saved and accessible on your computer.


This process will only work on Word documents with the .doc format (Office 97 to 2003 document). If you have a Word document with the .docx format, you can open and resave it in Microsoft Word with the correct extension

This article includes: 

Retrieve your Word document

  1. Click the computer screen icon on the toolbar
  2. Click the yellow folder icon on the toolbar
  3. Browse for your Word document, make sure you have the dropdown menu in the bottom right of the browse screen set to Word Format (*.doc)
  4.  Click Open. This will open the document in CFP WordPro

You may find that colours, underlining and general text format will carry across from the original document. However, some other general formatting may not and will need to be manually corrected.

Edit your uploaded document

  • Remove unwanted bullet points
    • Click and drag your cursor over the affected area
    • Click on the relevant bullet point icon on the WordPro toolbar that matches the bullet type 
      • Alternatively, click Format on the main toolbar
      • Select Bullet and Numbering from the dropdown menu
      • Select your preferred style of bullet point
  • Edit margins
    • Click and drag your cursor over the entire text or press Ctrl + A to capture all
    • Click Format on the main toolbar
    • Click Paragraph from the dropdown menu
    • Edit each area in the Formatting and Indents tab, as required 
    • Edit each area in the Frame and Page Breaks tab, as required
    • Click OK to return to your document
  • Indent text
    • Click on the line you want to indent
    • Press Tab on your keyboard
  • Page numbering: Often page numbering will come across and continue to work, however, it should be noted that occasionally they can become jumbled. In these instances, you should open the footer section, delete the page numbering and re-enter the new one
    • Click Insert on the main toolbar
    • Click Into Header/Footer from the dropdown menu (If you manually type over the numbers in the Page Numbering it will stop working correctly, always use the Insert option to make changes)

Save your document

Once you have created your template as detailed in the above steps, the document must be saved to the cfp drive ->Winman32 ->Letters.

  1. Click File on the main toolbar of the word processor
  2. Click Save As to name your letter
  3. Save your new template into the cfp drive ->Winman32 ->Letters

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