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Chris Horroll
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If you need to contact Support, whether it's for advice or to submit a support ticket, you can do this from the Help Centre. When you do, please provide as much detailed information as possible, along with screenshots relevant to your query.

Any tickets you submit can be tracked through the Help Centre, and from here you can view their Status and when it was last worked on.

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Contacting Support from the Help Centre

CFPwinMan support is available from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday. 

  1. Click Knowledge Centre in the upper right corner of CFPwinMan
  2. Click Go to new Help Centre
    1. Alternatively, the Help Centre can be accessed directly using the following link: You can bookmark this link as the Help Centre is open to all and not restricted to login
  3. At the top right of every page, and at the bottom of every Help Centre article, there is an option to Submit a request. Click Submit a request 
  4. From the dropdown menu, select your issue from the list, i.e. Accounts
  5. Enter Your email address, the relevant Area (i.e. Accounts Area), the Subject of your query, a detailed Description, and any supporting Attachments (i.e. screenshots) that are relevant.
    Suggested articles will display based on your query Subject
    (The more information you initially provide, the quicker we can resolve your query)
  6. Click Submit

cfp submit a request.png

The ticket will go straight to the Support team, and an agent experienced in that area of CFPwinMan will fully investigate your query before getting back to you.

Tracking your Support tickets

Once your ticket has been submitted, you'll be shown a confirmation screen. Suggested Help Centre articles will be displayed that may answer your query and you can click No, I need help or Yes, close my request to continue. 

Submit a request cfp hc submission.png

You'll then receive an email inviting you to register for a Help Centre account, and to Create a password.

By doing so, any tickets you submit can be tracked through the Help Centre, and from here you can view their Status and Last activity, i.e. when it was last worked on by a member of the Support team.


Prior to October 2023, if you've submitted a ticket request, an account will have already been created for you using your supplied email address. As such, from October 2023, you won't receive a registration email and a prompt to create a password. 

Therefore, in order to view and track your support tickets via Requests, we advise that you contact Support so they can send you a password reset email for your Help Centre account

Once the ticket is logged and you are logged into your Help Centre account:

  1. Click Your Name in the upper right corner of the Help Centre
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Requests
    HC requests.png
  3. On the My requests tab, a list of all the tickets you've submitted will be displayed.
    You can view when the ticket was Created, when the Last activity was (when it was last worked on by a member of the Support team), and the ticket Status (Open/Solved).
    You can click the Subject of a ticket to open it in full
    HC My requests.png
  4. With the ticket fully opened, you can view all details submitted so far, supply additional information, respond to any questions raised by the Support team, and mark your ticket as solved
    HC ticket.png

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