Accessing the Help Centre

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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For long term CFPwinMan users, what you previously knew as the Knowledge Centre, has moved, had a refresh and is now called the Help Centre.

The Help Centre contains a variety of 'how to' articles, and can be accessed in several ways.

This article includes: 

Accessing the Help Centre from within CFPwinMan

You can go directly to the Help Centre if you:

  1. Click Knowledge Centre in the upper right corner of CFPwinMan
    cfp knowledge centre.png
  2. Click Go to new Help Centre
    cfp go to HC.png

There is a powerful search on the Help Centre but you can also scroll down the page to browse the category tiles. Within the Exploring CFP category, each section is laid out according to the process.

Accessing the Help Centre using the direct URL

The Help Centre can be accessed directly using the following link: You can bookmark this link as the Help Centre is open to all and not restricted to login.

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